My name is Jasen.

I grew up in Abingdon, near historic Oxford and spent most of my time riding my bike around the city, photographing the architecture. At fifteen my family moved to the West Country.

From an early age, I… actually, this will bore the pants off you. I love writing creatively but not about myself, so just assume anything you want about my backstory and enjoy the blog. If you really want to know more about me, drop me an email or visit my main website at

My first two novels, The Significant Deaths of Cage and Constance and Armaranos Fend are available to buy and it would make me a happy person to know that you are all reading them. All my stories have a character with a quirky mental state. These first two novels focus on characters with depression – a subject close to my heart and my brain, which seems to think it can run without all of it working properly. On the other hand, maybe my brain is working fine and the rest of the world is broken.

Jasen Quick


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